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Lab Grown Diamond-HPHT

Diamond includes “Mined Diamond” and “Lab Grown Diamond”. CZ and Moissanite could only be judged as false diamond.

Lab grown diamond, also called created diamond, is divided into “HPHT diamond” and “CVD diamond” based on growth methods. Usually HPHT diamond size involves big size, ultra large size, medium size and small size (or melee). What CVD method grows always is large and ultra large size CVD diamond.

To grow HPHT diamond, there are: 1) Belt Apparatus (in European countries and America); 2) Bars (mostly in Russia); 3) Cubic Press (in China). The origin of HPHT cubic press is from China. In China, we have over 10,000 sets of HPHT cubic presses working.


Among these over 10,000 sets cubic presses, there are over 2500 sets in growing HPHT diamonds (data up to end of 2019) in China to supply worldwide. If market hot, more cubic presses are always ready. But till now, in China the largest roughs could be grown stably with volume production, 2.5-3ct/pc. Definitely there are top players, who could grow large size, up to 20ct/pc, but these are only pieces.


In China, it is easy to connect with HPHT cubic press machine, however, machine manufacturer only providing how to operate machine, without HPHT diamond growing technology. Even to grow HPHT roughs, machine configuration shall be matched, in which most manufacturers are lack of practical experience.

We think cubic press operation and practical application experiences are the top challenge. For more HPHT machine and diamond information, welcome exchange.

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