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Marty Hurwitz Wants to Sell You on Lab-Grown Diamonds

Marty Hurwitz, CEO of Austin, Texas–based MVI Marketing, has been a student of the lab-grown diamond market since 2004. That’s when his company did its first consumer research study on lab-growns, prompted by the news that Apollo Diamond Corp.
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Lab-Grown Diamonds May Develop Their Own Price Scale, Seller Says

Lab-grown diamonds may soon develop their own distinct price scale that differs from that of natural diamonds, Andrey Zharkov (pictured), the former chief executive officer of Alrosa who now heads the lab-grown diamond company Ultra C, predicted during a recent webinar.
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Q&A: How technology is disrupting the diamond industry

Many areas are undergoing digital transformation, although one area that may not spring to mind is with jewelry and gems. This sector is being affected by science and technology, and this impacts the consumer markets as well.
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The Diamond Producers Association Is Changing Its Name—and Its Strategy

The Diamond Producers Association Is Changing Its Name—and Its Strategy.
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Covid-19: Implications on the jewellery sector

The Covid-19 global pandemic has brought much of the world to a standstill in recent months.
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