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CVD Diamond Color Enhancement Turnkey Solution

Chinese HPHT cubic press has been widely used for HPHT annealing IIa type natural diamond and lab grown CVD diamond. With temperature over 2300℃ and pressure above 8GPa, light brown from natural and CVD diamond can be removed to color-less (D-F range). 

Delivering turnkey HPHT treatment solution particularly for natural and lab grown CVD diamond at customer’s premises, including following aspects:

1Optimize equipment configuration of HPHT cubic press for diamond color enhancement whitening;

2Customer’s workshop foundation design and optimum layout of water and power supply;

3Inside cell/chamber design including anvil and cube full dimensions for diamond color whitening;

4Synthesis pyrophyllite cube supply for diamond color enhancement;

5Installation and testing HPHT cubic press;

6Operation of HPHT cubic press;

7Teaching and training of customer’s engineers;

8Technical support and maintenance.

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